Fibre Reed Sticks vs. Bamboo Reed Sticks

Introducing fragrance into your living space is a great way to make yourself feel at home, and reed diffuser sticks are a trendy method that allows you to create a dreamy aroma without the worry of having an open flame. While the quality of oils you are using with your diffuser affects the efficiency of scent dispersion, the type of reeds you use may be the most impactful factor in creating a fragrant aroma in your home. Bamboo reeds and fibre reeds are two of the most common reed sticks that are utilized for diffusers, so when choosing your diffuser approach, it is important to understand how diffuser reed sticks work and the differences between reed sticks so you can find the best option for you.


How Diffuser Reed Sticks Work


As opposed to burning a scented candle or incense to create a fragrant-smelling atmosphere, reed diffuser sticks are an excellent flameless method that produces similar results. To use a diffuser stick, fill a jar or vessel with your favourite fragrant oils and place your diffuser reed sticks inside as if you were putting flowers in a vase. The structure of the reed sticks naturally absorbs the fragrance up into the stick before the scent evaporates and disperses into the air.


Different types of reed sticks that can be used for diffusing essential oils, but two of the most common forms are bamboo reed sticks and fibre reed sticks.


Bamboo Reed Sticks


Bamboo reed sticks are one of the most common forms of diffusers used to disperse fragrant molecules into the air. Bamboo reeds contain tubular hollows up the length of the stick that allows the oil to inherently travel up the tube and diffuse into the surrounding space. Unlike other forms of reeds, the channels in natural bamboo reeds also contain nodes, which can inhibit the efficiency of scent diffusion. Bamboo reeds can be a more affordable option for a diffuser even though the wood material of the bamboo reeds disperses a milder scent when compared to other forms of reed sticks.


Fibre Reed Sticks


Fibre reeds are manufactured for the specific purpose of diffusing oils, and for that reason, this is one of the most efficient materials for absorbing oil. Although fibre reeds are manmade and cannot be found naturally like bamboo reeds, the uniform layout of the pores allows for optimal oil distribution. Additionally, the fibrous threads of these reeds are more compatible than wooden reeds are at soaking up and diffusing a strong scent. Another benefit of fibre reeds is that they are sometimes available in different colours, allowing you to match your diffuser with the aesthetic of the room.



If you are looking for an alternative method to elevate the atmosphere in your home, fibre reed diffuser sticksare a great way to disperse your favourite fragrances without worrying about having an open flame. When you grow your collection of diffusers, there is no limit to the sweet smells you can bring to your home. For more tips on how to bring fragrance to your living space or to shop a stunning collection of fibre diffuser options, head to Forever and More Candles for all of your scent-spreading needs.